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Jun 1, 2015
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It has been a long time since the old AniTech Site was no more and since the 2018 Remake by new owners was shut down as well.

If any old members apart from @Kino Snyder are reading this, welcome back. If you're new here Welcome.

AniTech has been Re-Made with the old Data from the first AniTech site. However, we are no longer a Forum Community. While you can still Visit your profile and customize your profile song and settings, the Forum Portion of the site is stored away and no longer in use. I have decided to implement a new Blog-Like System in which official accounts of the Gaming and Anime Industry are able to post their latest content. So make good use of the "Follow" Feature to get notified on every post that is made by our Official accounts.

This was my original vision for AniTech, but got distracted and disrupted trying to make the Original AniTech something that it was not. Ultimately imitating another site that was around at the time, and not having an original concept as it does now. The 2018 Remake of Seiko Nayumi was not something I approved of and had chosen not to be part in it. I as a resident in Puerto Rico I had much more to worry about such as the Hurricane Maria recovery efforts and my own job as a Senior Software Developer, both for a Company and for Hire.

In August 2019, I was talked into bringing AniTech back but I no longer saw a need for it and I am s busy I have no time to moderate a site or start over. The 2018 AniTech Remake was sold and became a Hentai Adult Entertainment site. is owned by @Aihana Kiyumi from Kiyumi Media.

@Kino Snyder got in contact with me and convinced me of a new AniTech with the Original things I wanted to do in it, Be a Gaming and Anime News source. So here we are.

I apologize to anyone from the Old times if this isn't the AniTech you expected but I chose not to return to the old ways but rather try this new idea...which I am fascinated with.

I hope everyone enjoys the new site and news we publish.
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